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Generic OIDC Provider

The example below details the config settings required by Firezone to enable SSO through a generic OIDC provider. The configuration file can be found at /etc/firezone/firezone.rb. To pick up changes, run firezone-ctl reconfigure to update the application.

# This is an example using Google and Okta as an SSO identity provider.
# Multiple OIDC configs can be added to the same Firezone instance.

# Firezone can disable a user's VPN if there's any error detected trying
# to refresh their access_token. This is verified to work for Google, Okta, and
# Azure SSO and is used to automatically disconnect a user's VPN if they're removed
# from the OIDC provider. Leave this disabled if your OIDC provider
# has issues refreshing access tokens as it could unexpectedly interrupt a
# user's VPN session.
default['firezone']['authentication']['disable_vpn_on_oidc_error'] = false

default['firezone']['authentication']['oidc'] = {
google: {
discovery_document_uri: "",
client_id: "<GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID>",
client_secret: "<GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET>",
redirect_uri: "",
response_type: "code",
scope: "openid email profile",
label: "Google"
okta: {
discovery_document_uri: "https://<OKTA_DOMAIN>/.well-known/openid-configuration",
client_id: "<OKTA_CLIENT_ID>",
client_secret: "<OKTA_CLIENT_SECRET>",
redirect_uri: "",
response_type: "code",
scope: "openid email profile offline_access",
label: "Okta"

The following config settings are required for the integration:

  1. discovery_document_uri: The OpenID Connect provider configuration URI which returns a JSON document used to construct subsequent requests to this OIDC provider.
  2. client_id: The client ID of the application.
  3. client_secret: The client secret of the application.
  4. redirect_uri: Instructs OIDC provider where to redirect after authentication. This should be your Firezone EXTERNAL_URL + /auth/oidc/<provider_key>/callback/ (e.g.
  5. response_type: Set to code.
  6. scope: OIDC scopes to obtain from your OIDC provider. This should be set to openid email profile or openid email profile offline_access depending on the provider.
  7. label: The button label text that shows up on your Firezone login screen.